Lecture by Amador González

Lecture by Amador González de la Nava: From Salamanca 1497 to the present: Five centuries of modern chess.

During the 15th century chess rules underwent a remarkable transformation which led to the present-day game. These new rules were collected by Lucena, a student at the University of Salamanca, in 1497 in the book «Arte de Ajedrez con 150 juegos de partido». In this work Lucena explains the modern rules of the game and how chess diverted from its older variant (which he called del viejo)

Amador González de la Nava will talk about the historical evolution of the game and the way in which present-day rules were established in the 15th century.

November 27 at 11:00
Venue: Historical building of the University of Salamanca

Free admission / Limited capacity on a first-come basis