Lecture by Enrique Sánchez

Lecture by Enrique Sánchez: Computer chess -How do chess engines think?

From The Chess Player (an automaton) by Torres Quevedo to AlphaZero, chess has always been the Drosophila of the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Throughout history scientists such as Turing or Shannon have helped develop a field which gave us great chess engines, for example DeepBlue or Stockfish. However, the advances in Automated Learning has recently improved those algorithms and produced new engines such as Giraffe, AlphaZero or LCZero. How do these engines work? How do they analyze chess positions? What is the difference between traditional algorithms and automated learning in chess? Are we witnessing the ultimate AI revolution or the AI future is still open?

November 28 at 12:30
Venue: Historical building of the University of Salamanca

Free admission / Limited capacity on a first-come basis