Lecture by Leontxo García

Numberless national and international organizations urge public institutions to promote chess practice due to the educational benefits of the game: UNESCO, the European Parliament, the Spanish Senate, the Board of Education of Castilla y León, the Board of Education of the Spanish Congress and the City Hall of Salamanca, which unanimously passed a motion that supports chess practice in September 2016.

Chess improves loads of brain skills such as concentration, logical thinking, imagination, foresight, memory, emotion regulation, decision making, synthesis, creativity, self-confidence, deductive reasoning, intuition, etc…

Most psychologists state that chess stimulates, develops and disciplines our intelligence. No other game combines both the logical thinking and deductive reasoning which we use on a on a regular basis. This is the fact which provides chess with such an amazing educational value.

Leontxo García, the well-known chess expert and author, will explain the benefits of chess practice.