(Español) Elisabeth Paehtz

Elisabeth Paehtz (Erfurt, 1985) German chess player, who has held the title of Women’s Grand Master (WGM) since 1998, and the
International Master since 2004.
She was trained from a very young age by her father, Thomas Paehtz, who is also a chess player and International Grandmaster. At the age of nine she won her first German Sub-11 and in 1999 she became the German Female Champion. At international level, in 2002 she won the U18 Women’s World Championship and in 2005 the U20 Women’s World Championship.

Paehtz has played for the German women?s team in several chess Olympiads since 1998. She also played with her country at the World Championship in team chess in 2007, obtaining the individual bronze medal and in nine European Team Chess Championships, where he also won an individual bronze medal with the second board in 2001 in Leon (Spain).