Julio Granda

Julio Granda Zúñiga, born in 1967, is a Peruvian international Grand Master and current Senior World Chess Champion (over 50 years old players). He has won the Pan American Tournament four times and has also been Ibero-American champion once.

Julio has lived in Salamanca since 2008 to 2017, when he decided to settle in Peru again. Apart from his career highlights mentioned above, Granda has won international tournaments all around the world and has taken part in 11 Chess Olympiads in which he has been the leader of the Peruvian chess team. He has been the first ranked Peruvian player in the FIDE ELO rating list for 30 years.

Since his childhood, Granda is considered to be an enormously talented chess player. His innate ability helps him make up for his smaller opening repertoire in comparison with other elite players.

Consequently, Julio Granda is, beyond question, one of the greatest American chess players ever.

In the next instructive game Granda displays a precise counterattack to beat Gabriel del Río, 2018 Spanish Champion. This game clearly illustrates Granda’s style.

Analysis by FIDE Master and FIDE Trainer Amador González de la Nava