Night Open Blitz Tournament

Date: November 29, 2019 (Friday).

Schedule: The competition starts at 20.00. The participants must arrive in the venue by 19.45.

Venue: Colegio Mayor Fray Luis de León , Plaza Fray Luis de León, 11, 37008 Salamanca

Tournament System: 8 rounds Swiss system. The time control is 4 minutes with a 2 second increment (blitz). A Swiss Manager program approved by the FIDE will be used for the pairings.

Tie-Break System: Buchholz system, Median Buchholz, Sonneborn-Berger and drawing of lots.

Prizes: 1st 100€ + trophy 2nd 75€ 3rd 50€ 4th 50€ 5th 25€ 

Entry Fee: 5€

Iban Number: ES73 2108 2207 61 0036943502

To enter the tournament, players must send an e-mail to: This e-mail must include the playe’s name and last name. The payment receipt must be attached to the e-mail.

All necessary information can be found on the official tournament website: before the competition starts. Other official communications will be found on bulletin boards or stated orally by the organizers at the playing hall.

The tournament committee consists of the chief arbiter and the tournament director. The decisions of the committee will be final.

The arbiters will apply the FIDE Competition Rules in case of any contingency not stated in these regulations.


The organization reserves the right to refuse admission.

The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations in case of any contingency.

The C.D. Ajedrez Salamanca and the University of Salamanca intend to capture the tournament and the participants in photographs as well as on video. These images may be included in reports, the official website, magazines, corporate advertising and other mass media. Since the above-mentioned media have an informative and cultural interest; since minor’s right to publicity and right to privacy will not be violated during the event; since the event does not interfere with my personal right and in accordance with the article 3.1 of the Constitutional Law 1/1982, May 5 th and article 162.1 of the Spanish Civil Code, I hereby accept these regulations, give consent to the capture and release of these images and agree to keep the institutions related to personality rights informed of this consent.

The acceptance of the terms of these rules and regulations is an essential requirement for the participation in the tournament.