Children’s Tournament

In this edition, due to the current pandemic situation, the third edition of the children’s tournament will be online.

III Children’s Tournament “Salamanca Chess Festival

Prerequisites. Only one, all participants must have an account on the lichess platform. Creating a new account is completely free and you can do so via the following link:

Place and date. lichess online platform (can be used with the browser on your computer and also has an application for both mobile and tablet). Saturday, February 6th, 2021. The tournament will begin at 11:00 h and end at 12:30 (1h 30min of play).

            We remind all participants that, as the tournament is held on an external platform, the competition will start at the exact time. Even so, if someone is late, they will be able to join and start playing from the moment they connect.

Categories. It will be played in only one general category, open to any player born from 1/1/2003.

            In addition to the general ranking of the tournament, we will publish another one through chessresults so you can know who you have played each game against.

Competition system and rhythm of the game. We will use the own system of the lichess platform “arena”. This consists of all the participants who join the tournament playing games from the beginning to the end against random opponents (nobody is eliminated for losing a game, all the kids can be playing games until the end of the tournament time), being the winner the player who manages to get the most points in the established time.

            For those who want detailed information about the Arena de lichess system I leave you the link with the complete explanation:

The reflection time will be 10 minutes per player for the whole game.

Prizes. There will be a draw among all the participants who have played some game of the tournament, 8 vouchers of 25 euros for the online store Chessy (

Inscriptions. They are open from the publication of this call and until the day before the Tournament. The inscriptions will be made through the e-mail specifying the following data of the participant:

– User name of the lichess platform account

– Player’s name, surname and date of birth

When we receive the registration message, along with confirmation of receipt of this, we will attach the link and the key to join the tournament.

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