Masters Tournament

Eight prominent international chess players will participate in the Masters Tournament. It is asingle round robin tournament and the time control is 40 minutes with a 5 second increment.

Since the organization of the Festival strongly intends to promote gender equality, the tournament field will have the same number of women and men.

The spectators will enjoy technical live commentary of the games. The live commentary will be hosted by Grand Master Alfonso Romero Holmes and other chess experts. They will be pleased to answer every question asked by the audience.


  • Date: February 03-06, 2021
  • Venue:
    Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca
  • Competition System: Single round-robin. Time control: 40 min + 5 sec. During the festival opening ceremony the pairings will be drawn by lot. It is a FIDE rated tournament (Rapid rating). The player’s; rating will be based on the October
    2018 FIDE rapid rating list.
  • Tie-Break System: final standings will be established according to:
    1. Number of points scored
    2. Direct encounter
    3. Greater number of wins
    4. Sonneborn-Berger
    5. Koya system
    6. Drawing of lots
  • Schedule:
    February 03
     , Wednesday 
    16:00 Round 1
    18:00 Round 2
    February 034, Thursday 
    16:00 Round 3
    18:00 Round 4
    February 05 , Friday 
    16:00 Round 5
    February 06, Saturday 
    16:00 Round 6
    18:00 Round 7
    The official schedule may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. The tournament committee consists of the chief arbiter (Eduardo López Rodríguez) and the tournament director (Amador González de la Nava). The decisions of the committee will be final. The arbiters will apply the FIDE Competition Rules in case of any contingency not stated in these regulations.

Important: Due to the current health crisis caused by the Covid19 virus, the tournament will be held without public.  The development of the tournament will be broadcasted by streaming through this website,