Vesselin Topalov

Veselin Topalov, born in 1975, is an International Grand Master from Bulgaria. Former World Champion and ranked 1 several times in the FIDE ELO rating list. As he always fights every single chess game and has an aggressive and uncompromising style, Topalov is really appreciated and by most chess fans.

His brilliant chess career includes highlights such as 1989 World Under-14 Champion and 1990 World Under-16 runner-up. He became a Grand Master in 1992. Since 1994 he is the leader of the Bulgarian national team. In 1994 Bulgaria clinched the 4th position at the Chess Olympiad held in Moscow, where Topalov convincingly defeated Kasparov in a 29 move game. He has been an elite chess player ever since. He became chess World Champion in San Luis (Argentina) in 2005. He went on winning numberless tournaments, including the prestigious Linares Tournament.

In the next beautiful game Veselin Topalov defeats Aronian by sacrificing the exchange twice. It is certainly a nice win which shows Topalov’s sharp style and strategic understanding.

Analysis by FIDE Master and FIDE Trainer Amador González de la Nava